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We offer a free consultancy service to help you decide your best course of action. No ties, no commitment.
Don't pay out for other software house services until you get a quote from our team.
Do get a quote from others though and compare the results. The process
* Support - 24/7 support for your line of business application.
  Skype (free), RDC at hourly rate
* Development - Need additional functionality and aren't sure how to go about it?
  We offer a Prototype service so you see what you will be getting
* Upgrade - Upgrade from earlier versions of Alpha 
  without paying Alpha Anywhere prices
* Guarantee - If you don't like the prototype, you don't pay
As a member of the Application Allstars team, with developers around the globe, we are able to support your
current Alpha Desk Top application, develop it further while you manage your business, and upgrade from Alpha 4 versions.
Our rates are competitive, so why not cut out the "middlemen" and negotiate with your developer directly?
In many cases, the middlemen take a 60% cut of the price quoted for not a lot of effort, and our developers end up doing the work anyway!