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We ca15298174 3d people man person with a laptopn develop and supply software and websites quickly and cost effectively.

There is also a lot of Free Software we can offer for Desk Top use only.
Our development approach is based on Prototyping, which means that you are involved from the very start.
If you don't like the Prototype, you don't pay anything.  

For Web applications and Web Sites, we offer a free hosting on our servers for 90 days following payment for development.  

                                              After that, stay with our very effective Web Hosting service provider, or chose your own 


Pricing. This is at four levels

- Hourly Rate, suitable for Websites and small web or desktop applications. Estimates of duration/cost always provided up front.

- Fixed Price suitable for larger applications where a Prototype has been agreed. The price agreed for the specification you want is fixed - no surprises.

- Ready made applications which are off the shelf. These are on a case by case basis, ask for details if you are interested.

- Free Stuff. There are free applications available which are supported technically, but any changes will incur an estimate and charge.