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 These are some of our  products and the business areas we have worked in. Click on the Icon to see more details.

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We use and support Synology products and software

An easily used system which has been designed for tradesmen who would rather be working than being tied to a computer. This is an easier alternative to using Excel.
Social Clubs.
Membership and attendance recording, fees and payments tracking, special events invitations  and fees management. The original was created for an award winning social club in London.
Recruitment and Contacts.
Candidate and Client database with daily tasks, CV mailout and follow up reminders. Used by a number or recruitment agencies.
Exotic Aquatics.
Fish sales, stock and invoicing. VAT reconciliation. Shipping management. Used by a leading UK supplier of  exotic fish to the trade.
Jewellery Stock Control.
Manage high value items and simplify annual stock check. Can be linked to the invoicing suite.
Motorcycle  Business invoicing, stock control, parts managemen, parts ordering and job sheets.
Chronic Disease Management.
Bespoke COPD systems for the NHS.